Welcome to the world of PMR446

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PMR446 UK-Wide NET

The 8 at 8 net is a nationwide net that exists on PMR channel 8 (446.09375 MHZ) every Sunday at 8PM.

No CTCSS tones are used on the net.

A great many stations will come on at this time with a mixture of PMR446 compliant and non-compliant radios in which the goal is to make contact with other stations.

Lots of people will travel to local high-spots such as hills, roofs of buildings and even mountains in attempts to contact far flung stations.

Etiquitte is a mix between amateur and CB (Q-Codes, 10 codes), and people may choose to use their names,nicknames or self-assigned callsigns as identification.

Anyone is welcome to join in on the net and it is a friendly environment for all those interested in radio and PMR446.

Net guidelines