Funny Scanning Stories?

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Funny Scanning Stories?

Post by Bozzy »

Just to kick off this new section....

A lot of years ago, in the 1990's, I was in a relationship with a trainee nurse who was living in a "Nursing Home" the type where trainee nurses lived next to a large NHS hospital, training as SEN or SRN nurses, (not where OAP's etc lived etc).

Anyway, as a young guy, not long having passed my driving test, I was spending the night at my "Girlfriends Nursing Home", was in bed, nodding off with headphones connected to my Realistic/Tandy scanner listening to the police when they was analogue and not scrabbled.

Suddenly, heard a report of a car broken into very close to where I was, next report was the phonetics of the number plate.

I suddenly woke up fully, threw on some clothes and ran down to the location as it was the number plate of my car on the police radio!!!!

Sure enough, my Fiat 127 had a smashed rear side window, bikers leather jacket missing from rear seat (was an 18'th birthday present so gutted), broken glass everywhere.

Police turned up 10 mins later confused why I knew and attended before they did.

I had to explain I was listening in on a scanner which gave them a laugh, I think they took pity on myself, they could see I was upset at the damage and losing the jacket, I am pretty sure they did a vehicle check and found the road tax was over a month overdue but said nothing about it.

So, anyone else got any amusing scanning stories?

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Re: Funny Scanning Stories?

Post by Steven »

I started a scanner website back in the day, it had frequencies for almost everything that was considered interesting to listen to. Somehow I was tracked down and asked for an interview, by the Evening Herald... I said NO, to which they said if I refused an interview they would simply write whatever they wanted... I caved and gave an interview and had to clear my name as I was getting fingers pointing at me saying I was responsible for a Brinks Allied robbery, well not directly but for having the frequencies available... I informed them that scanning was a huge hobby in Ireland and all the enthusiasts had the frequencies and I simply put them all on a website.
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