Tuning into Satellites using the L-band antenna

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Tuning into Satellites using the L-band antenna

Post by dc260 »

In the past few months, I have owned a rtl-sdr blog l-band patch antenna. It allows you to receive many satellite transmissions in the L-BAND range (Roughly 1.5 GHZ)

I've been astonished to the type of traffic you can receive using one of these antennas, from marine messages to aircraft calling over the Atlantic.

You can receive:
  • AERO calls used by Aircraft other satellite calls using JAERO
  • Iridium satellite calls using gr-iridium
  • Maritime messages using syctale-c
  • And much much more..

The patch antenna is small and can be attached to the side of a window using the suction holder it comes with, or alternatively the tripod.


If you are interested in the antenna, you can buy it here https://www.rtl-sdr.com/product/rtl-sdr ... tenna-set/

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread.
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Re: Tuning into Satellites using the L-band antenna

Post by Bozzy »

Bought one of these myself.

On the run up to various forces recently leaving Afghanistan, it was amazing what you could receive with one of these antennas and an SDR, heard the radio traffic about the runway been swamped with people and landing aircraft having to go around several times till the runway was cleared before they could land. Very interesting bit of kit.

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