Wouxun KG UVD1P PMR446 Chirp Software

Upload any files, codeplugs, spreadsheets or designs relating to PMR446 or radio in general.
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Wouxun KG UVD1P PMR446 Chirp Software

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I have a created a Chirp codeplug for the Wouxun KG UVD1P radio containing the 16 PMR channels.

Download the .zip file by clicking here
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Extract the .img file from the zip file into a folder.
Open the .img file by clicking "file -> open" then navigating to the .img file.
Switch the radio on, attach the programming cable and then you can write the contents of the file to the radio by clicking "radio -> upload to radio".

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Re: Wouxun KG UVD1P PMR446 Chirp Software

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Just received my Wouxun radio today so I will give this codeplug a whirl. Thankyou! :D
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