Leixen VV-898ST PMR446 Codeplug + UK Gen

Upload any files, codeplugs, spreadsheets or designs relating to PMR446 or radio in general.
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Leixen VV-898ST PMR446 Codeplug + UK Gen

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I have attached the PMR446 codeplug for the Leixen VV-898ST v 1.07 You can download here
leixen_vv_898ST_v107_PMR446.zip[/attachment If you want the UK General frequencies for RX only (Please note you must have a license to transmit on those channels) download this attachment instead [attachment=0]leixen_vv_898ST_v107_PMR446_and_uk_gen.zip
Extract the .lx19 file from the zip file to a folder.

Simply open the Leixen programming software and click "file open" and select the lx19 file of your choice

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Re: Leixen VV-898ST PMR446 Codeplug + UK Gen

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Many thanks for these files, saved me lots of time.
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