446MHz Quad Loop yagi design

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446MHz Quad Loop yagi design

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Here is a design for a 446MHz quadloop yagi.

Hopefully you should be able to build it from the info in the images shown.
You can use 1mm or 2mm copper wire for the elements
The boom can be 1/2" or 12.5mm copper pipe.
Most braze the elements but you can also solder with silver solder. Either way a thin coat of varnish or plastic coat will help to protect the antenna.
All the Director elements are the same size, so you can choose how many elements you want to build. Up to 12 elements listed.
The reflector plate can be solid copper or tin plate or even PCB material, but will need waterproofing, or you can use a stiff wire mesh.

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Re: 446MHz Quad Loop yagi design

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Very interesting, many thanks for posting this!
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