Forum Rules

The rules that all must abide by whilst using the Forum
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Forum Rules

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When using the PMR446 Forum you agree to follow the forum Rules

  • No spamming nonsensical content on any section of the forum.
  • Do not attempt to subvert the security of the forum in any way.
  • Do not share your password/login details with any other member.
  • Do not use offensive/profane language, this forum is open to anyone of any age and background and we must be mindful of that fact.
  • No Racist/Sexist/Discriminatiory or explict content of any kind.
  • Treat every other member with respect.
  • Do not act as the "band police" this means do not lecture or berate other members over antenna/power rules regarding 446, whatever apparatus people choose to use on 446 is their own responsibility and morality, it is not up to you to dictate that to other members.
  • Do not create alternative accounts to subvert any restriction/ban on your own account, if you are discovered to do this the account will be banned and your original accounts ban will only be lengthened.

If you spot any posts that break the rules, use the REPORT button to report the post, make sure to add a description in the report of the rule you believe they have broken, an administrator will then read the report alongside the post in time and determine whether or not it will be removed and/or action will be taken.

Failure to comply with the rules may result in punishment including your account being suspended, so please follow the rules! :!:

If you have any questions regarding any of the rules listed please feel free to PM an administrator.